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NY wins the race! The Virtual School plan begins…


Virtual School Update

As you may know, New York was one of the successful states in the second phase of the Race to the Top award.  Modification of teacher evaluation requirements at the state level, combined with other legislative initiatives led to a successful plan in the second round of the competition. 

As part of the Phase II application, NYSED again made mention of the virtual high school.  The description provided to USED can be found on pages 271-272 of the application. (See the full report in the Links section of the site.)

The work proposed will be completed September 2011.  The plan references the concept of online high school allowing students to attend school “anytime and anywhere”.  Alternative pathways for graduation as well as advanced courses study will be explored.  This is all part of Strategy 5 to provide innovative school alternatives.

If you are interested in seeing the pace of this trend across the country, I suggest you do no more than set “online learning” as a GOOGLE ALERT on your email.  I receive at least ten links daily with examples of schools all across the country which are beginning this process.  It will be very interesting to see how this new approach develops in New York.  Teachers and students will both need to adjust to the new concept and gain new skills to be successful. 

We will need to stay tuned!

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NY Virtual School Plan- More News!


More news!

In the February 2010 meeting agenda, we see the proposal for the Virtual High School initiative.  I am not going to write too much about it at this point because it is important that you browse the plan.  Here it is!

We see the initial roll out in social studies, science and languages for all districts.  Teachers will need to be trained in their new role of supervising students online, says the plan.

NYSED is planning to address any regulation changes needed for implementation.

Here we go….Are you ready? :)

Our Purpose…


This site is designed to provide information and facilitate discussion of the issue of online learning k12.  As a teacher in New York who uses online learning and has created a bit of a “hybrid” class, I am in favor of using these tools to facilitate learning.  In my view, however, there are many issues and risks if we do not do this correctly.  We need thoughtful discussion and information.  We as teachers also need to be part of the process and discussion!

I ask that you give the issue some thought, become educated on the issue and express your views here and to the policy makers who are making these decisions locally and otherwise.  On this site, I expect the dialogue to be open while professional and meaningful.

As I am also an attorney. I plan to do what I can here to provide information and facilitate this dialogue.  I think I can be helpful as I am in the classroom, use online learning daily, but also am aware of the legal as well as professional concerns.

I believe in HYBRID learning and teaching.  I have posted a little video I made last summer which supports my basic view.  (I apologize for the typo in the video– I cannot recreate the video but think it is still worthwhile…).  Hopefully you will get the idea.  :)

We can really mess things up if we are not careful on this issue!  Let’s start the conversation, shall we?

My next post will highlight what is new at NYSED onthis issue and some of the risks I see.  Please post your comments and thoughts!

Let us begin tackling this important issue!

Sue Palmer

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