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NY Virtual School Plan- More News!


More news!

In the February 2010 meeting agenda, we see the proposal for the Virtual High School initiative.  I am not going to write too much about it at this point because it is important that you browse the plan.  Here it is!

We see the initial roll out in social studies, science and languages for all districts.  Teachers will need to be trained in their new role of supervising students online, says the plan.

NYSED is planning to address any regulation changes needed for implementation.

Here we go….Are you ready? :)

NY Technology Plan–Digital Learning!

Click here for a copy of the New York Technology Plan which discusses the direction in New York and digital learning. Although no specific mention is made to virtual learning, we see the obvious theme of digital learning beyond the classroom. The surveys attached also include no surprises as our students are totally on board with these new initiatives.

Are you ready for the change? What skills do we as educators need to acquire to be proficient in the new education transformation?

As I have said before– Like it or not, the world has changed. Education will have a new face very soon!

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