Blended Learning Courses…How do we begin?

I am looking forward to speaking at the November 2011 NYSCATE Conference in Rochester! It is surprising to me that this will be the third year I have presented on the Hybrid High School topic. I recall in my first presentation back in 2009 that I predicted that it would not be long before we had online learning in New York, and I was correct. We now have the regulatory “green light” to begin online and blended learning programs.

For many districts this is a very new idea and administrators are really uncertain as to how these new rules may be implemented in their schools. What is the next step?

In my presentation I discuss my thought on this based on my experience creating my hybrid class and teaching students in this way. I believe we must begin with planning, training and start slowly but with commitment to move forward. I will post a full article after the presentation.

My presentation can be found here.


If you are interested on sharing your experiences, ideas, or just simply engaging in some brainstorming on the issue, I encourage you to email me at, or find me on FACEBOOK, “Susan Palmer”, or “masterymaze” on Twitter. Working together and sharing ideas and strategies just makes darn good sense in the days ahead! You may also register for this site and post a comment here as well.

I would also like to share this article which leads me to the question….Have we considered the brain research as further justification for adding online learning to our instructional practice? Dr. Gary Small’s research suggests that it may be of benefit for the development of the mind. I hope you will read this article and share your thoughts.

There is also another powerful argument made in the video below… My premise is that we have to reformat education and develop creative approaches. Watch this and see if you agree. The possibilities are amazing.

Districts Add Online and Blended Courses

Hybrid courses are on the rise.  As many more states pass legislation allowing online and blended classes, it appears from a recent study that blended learning is growing at the district level.  This comes as no surprise to me as a teacher using blended instruction.  Hybrid formats offer differentiation and opportunities for flexible scheduling to better serve the needs of students.  The model also allows for creative approaches to providing additional course offerings to students.

More information on the recent trends in online and blended instruction may be found here.

US DOE Online Learning Research Studies

used research page

According to a recent announcement from NYSED, the United States Department of Education is conducting research studies on the effectiveness of online learning programs at the secondary level. As 45 states currently have some type of online learning initiative, USDOE is looking at the impact of these programs.

For more information, visit the wiki here.

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